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The projects on display at Inspiramais feature design and materials innovations, in addition to putting together trends and research that precede the major fashion references.

Inspiramais Connection

An aisle full of materials, innovative in both design and technology, with over 900 all-new products developed based on the study of fashion inspirations and references that will guide Inspiramais.

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Creative and Commercial Connection

The Creative and Commercial Connection Hub aims to identify, support and stimulate sustainable innovations from small businesses, associations, cooperatives, startups and designers, with the objective of providing opportunities for their scale by connecting them to the fashion and design industry.

More than suppliers, the hub is composed of innovation partners for social and environmental challenges, attentive to the objectives of sustainable development and ESG practices.

Partnership: Sebrae Nacional

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Leather Preview

The Leather Preview project is organized by Inspiramais in partnership with Centro das Indústrias de Curtumes do Brasil [Brazilian Tanning Industry Center] (CICB) and Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency] (APEX – BRASIL). The main goal is to stimulate the Brazilian leather sector through technical and creative consultations, which guide the development of new products, using methodological tools and research on inspirations, in addition to commercially promoting the results: finished, original and genuine leather, enhancing the image of leather and tanneries in Brazil and abroad, increasing the visibility to expand the results of commercial negotiations, which, in turn, enhances and strengthens the entire production chain.

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Buyer Project

International buyers of materials visit Inspiramais especially to establish trade relations with exhibitors during the event. Avail yourself of the opportunity to meet them and push the boundaries of your business!

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