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The Exhibition features over 180 exhibitors from across the country, north to south, who offer materials solutions for the footwear, clothing, furniture, and costume jewelry industries. The Exhibition booths overflow with over 900 new developments in the area of innovative materials, produced based on the research conducted by Inspiramais’ Design Center. Get to know the exhibitors that make Inspiramais happen.


July 2024

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Be an Exhibitor

Inspiramais is the ideal place for you to plan your collections in advance, since the materials on display are developed based on research for the next season. The event brings together over seven thousand visitors from the fashion industry, including national and international buyers from all over the world. In addition to giving visibility to the exhibiting companies, the Exhibition allows them to diversify and open new markets, thus generating great results.

For further information, please contact us by emailing at: relacionamento@assintecal.org.br

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