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Project encourages use of materials with sustainability, clean technology and diversity

January 22 2021

Conexão Criativa e Comercial, part of the Inspiramais program, supports companies that produce components with responsible approaches 

A business ecosystem focused on companies that develop materials combining sustainability, clean technologies and diversity. This is the concept of the Creative and Commercial Connection, one of the projects that are part of Inspiramais - the only design, innovation and sustainability program for materials for the fashion world. In digital format, the next edition of the event will take place on January 26th and 27th. Another 30 days of inspiring attractions are expected.

Companies that relate to the project proposal can register their components - from the footwear, clothing, accessories and jewelry segments. In the next stage, the selected ones are curated. The research carried out by the Inspiramias Design Core guides the evaluation. The team suggests changes in the materials, so that the products follow the season's proposal and the companies can exhibit at the event. “Materials are not just inputs used to create products. They influence their development ", says Flávia Vanelli, curator of the Creative and Commercial Connection. 

First Edition

In the first digital edition of Inspiramais, held in August, the Creative and Commercial Connection participated in companies that develop products made from the reuse of discarded plastics, agroecological cotton, sustainable fabric from bacterial fermentation, discarded sequins, surplus production, collected vegetation waste from Cerrado, among others (check below the list of participants for the 2021_II season). 

The solutions presented involve crafts, technology, full use of materials, resulting in innovative creations. “The proposal seeks to oxygenate the fashion and design market, bringing competitiveness with sustainability”, concludes Flávia. 


The program is a reference for the market for bringing together information that unites the language and a methodology for the entire fashion production chain in a single space. The first 100% digital edition took place in August 2020, connecting material launches, innovative projects and recognized speakers with visitors from around the world.

Inspiramais counts on the promotion of the Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifact Component Companies (Assintecal), the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit), the Brazilian Tannery Industry Center (CICB), the Brazilian Furniture Industry Association (Abimóvel), the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), through the By Brasil, Components, Machinery and Chemicals project. It also has the support of the main sectorial entities in the country and partners, such as Abest, Abiacav, Abicalçados, In-Mod, IBGM, Instituto By Brasil (IBB), ABVTEX, Francal, Ápice, Guia Jeans Wear, Abrafati and Trans Rubber.

Check out the companies participating in the 2021_II season:

  • Aurora: wool in its various forms

  • Dona Rufina: bags made of felt fabric

  • Banco de Tecido: sells leftover fabric among other components used in clothing

  • Biotecam: sustainable tissue from bacterial fermentation

  • Cerradouro: trims, ornaments and products made with vegetation collected from the Cerrado waste, metallized in copper and gold plated

  • Da Tribu: blends rubberizing, modeling and macramé techniques, forest technology and craftsmanship

  • Das Catarinas Brazil: ornaments, accessories and products that combine handicrafts, design, sustainability and technology

  • Flavia Amadeu: rubber native to the Amazon rainforest is the main raw material

  • Flor Silva: ornaments, trims, accessories, decoration made with seeds, wood, threads, fibers and other inputs from the Amazon

  • Justa Trama: products and services based on agroecological cotton

  • Lots App: blockchain platform that promotes the promotion and sharing of different links in its circular and sustainable value chain

  • Luciano Pinheiro: ornaments, trims, accessories, decoration, trims, textile materials and development of products with sustainable, natural and less impacting materials

  • Moltec Brasil: accessories for fashion and decoration created with discarded sequins, surplus production by the company

  • Nós Mais Eu: cotton cords, resignified selvages, crochet, natural stones, ceramics and reforestation wood insertion

  • Rato Design Circular: trims, ornaments, laminates and products made with reuse of discarded plastics

  • Seringô / Coopereco: complete solution in Amazonian rubber, such as sandals, soles, insoles

  • The Flowerpunchers: handmade floral prints, augmented reality textile filters, immersive parametric platforms, 3D design of textile surfaces

  • Trammô: trims and handmade accessories

  • Wiit Design Studio: line of accessories, prescription glasses and sun glasses printed in 3D

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